Most of the people and we, do not deny, was believing that marketing is an Advertising or statement in the newspaper or TV, was up to the product display in stores or supermarkets to try it, this was our idea about marketing,
But we discovered that they are quite different. And in our opinion, it is an ART, which a person holds in his hand truth, and fiction in other hand, and link them to provide satisfaction for both parties, Business & consumers.
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Trade relations between Egypt and Kenya have seen a positive development as a result of both countries membership in COMESA, as well as Egypt’s belief in promoting trade with African countries especially COMESA countries, not in search of lower cost, but because of its belief in the importance of cooperation between countries of the African continent to achieve the wellbeing of their people, and in light of the importance of the COMESA bloc to Egypt and in particular Kenya as the two countries have a leading role in COMESA that will enhance the competitiveness of the bloc against other rival regional economic blocs.. Read more.....


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